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Yes. I am a man... But I cryed and cryed...

lexx from indonesia yea

it was really good for a new age movie. I highly recommend it, of course it's my opinion. it was pretty good..

I would totally hanged out with her, she seemed cool.

bootleg Unfriended.



I honestly don't like horrors, but I watched it because of Alycia Debnam Carey and it's a great movie. I really recommend 👍.

this is why you shouldn't use facebook

I can tell this is going to be the best movie of 2016 just by the trailer

watch, Friend & Request - Online

Hackerthons should stop

Jeez, that scream... 2:21 Friend. Request. HD, English, Full. Movie... Download JA PIERDOLE LEXA AAAAA Smart move casting Alycia as the main character because no one would watch if it weren't for her lmao ASHLEY KETCHADORIANS LITTLE BROTHER? I dont likehow everyone died


hears Want to be friends forever not with that attitude young lady .-_-. how to survive a lights off game: 1: act memes on the internet 2: acually turn on the blender on laura/billie's head and say H E ` S O R A N G E 3: after you killed laura/billie. uninstall skype and install discord 4: done, no more dumbasses nightmares, wait. if it was a dream, go crazy and you escape it, soemtimes it doesnt work xd oof.

Funded by facebook i guess.


This is what i did when my crush unfollowed me on insta #LIT. Friend... Request… free? hd Who posted the video...? Me:I-I BLAME THE INTERNET! Is this going to be a real movie?? It's like movie rip off the Roommate خلف زون لاايكككككك😂✨❤️



holy f@#$%*k I think they just gave Rafe more of a reason to break the rules. Looks cool. Always be friends with the emos, kiddos Who else came here because unfriended the dark web I just watched this entire movie and I still have honestly no idea who the stalker was supposed to be.. Tywin and Khaleesi in the same movie. ITS A!! man, i love this movie and book. They need to go ahead and make After You into a movie. Reading Still Me right now and I love it of course, so that should become a movie as well lol.

So she's dead?.... 2:05 one of the best movies i´ve watched! loved it!! i just rewatched the movie and Emilia Clarke is an amazing actress i mean when Will gives Lou the tights just look at Emilia's Hand gestures and the Face. she played the character really well. This reminds me so much of unfriended

This is to scary for me!!😰😱

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